I wish to give you an update on CATHERINEAU’s situation in the light of the COVID-19 virus.

CATHERINEAU’s engineering and manufacturing staff and operations have returned to normal since early June and are up and running. CATHERINEAU was fully operational during this summer to assure our customers that all currents projects would be completed in time.

CATHERINEAU has taken all necessary measures such as mask-wearing at all time within our facility, rigorously applying social distancing and regular hand washing. We have in place sufficient provisions of masks and sanitary supplies to cover our needs until the end of the year.

CATHERINEAU team is prepared to tackle these challenging times with our experience, workmanship, flexibility, and enthusiasm.

Regarding CATHERINEAU’s capacity, we have the resources to undertake additional work across our various manufacturing specializations. CATHERINEAU’s team is ready to undertake any new project you see fit to give us and to support you at any time regarding your cabin interior activities.
Thank you again for your continued partnership.
Stay safe!



Catherineau continue sa collaboration avec l’artiste François Cante-Pacos.

INSEAD Article

Morten Bennedsen and Brian Henry wrote an article about Catherineau

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Certification Part 145

Septembre 2016

Catherineau obtient l’agrément Part 145 FR145.0706 qui permet d’intervenir en tant qu’organisme certifié de la catégorie « aménagement » dans la maintenance et l’entretien des aéronefs.